We can only imagine how unsettled the Mormon Pioneers felt when they first descended into the Salt Lake Valley. Having come to RM, you, too, may be in unfamiliar territory.  Whether you’re questioning or curious, we want to help you embrace truth – truth that stands outside ourselves. God makes Himself known through the truth of His Word; it’s to that Word we direct you. 

As the leader of LDS Missionaries, we know that you endure many difficulties. Yet, shepherds are called to “study to shew thyself approved unto God, a worker that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15). We’ve taken the liberty to provide some study topics you owe it to yourself and to your missionary charges to answer.

RM is designed to help both LDS Missionaries and Born-Again Christians by providing helpful Bible study materials written specifically for LDS Missionaries. If you've never lived in Utah or had experience with LDS Church Members, it can be confusing. The LDS worldview is far different from the evangelical's. We're here to help. 

For those missionaries returning to Utah or Idaho, we'd love to direct you to some local assemblies that teach and preach the Bible. These churches are filled with redeemed sinners who look to the Bible as their final authority in all matters of faith and practice.  


Real Missionary (RM) is a ministry for both evangelical Christians and anyone involved in LDS missionary efforts -- Elders, Sister Missionaries, and Missionary Presidents.
We want LDS missionaries to know the truth and to worship in truth. We encourage all evangelical Christians to lead their LDS missionary friends to that truth through loving interaction and gracious conversation. We want to share the love of Christ with LDS missionaries through the truth of the Bible and we invite them to receive a gospel that never needed restoration.
We encourage you to lovingly interact with any LDS missionary that shows up on your doorstep. LDS missionaries are polite, friendly, and, generally speaking, great young people. Many sincerely believe they are testifying of truth, and are unaware of the fallacy of the gospel they proclaim.
Furthermore, we know that many LDS missionaries don’t believe anymore that the LDS Church is true; they no longer accept that Joseph Smith is a true prophet. They’re lonely, scared, and unsure what to do next.
For those missionaries who no longer believe, we can help. We can support you through this difficult time. We can teach you and we can direct you to a faith community that’s not filled with future gods, but with redeemed sinners saved by grace. They’re people just like us -- unworthy seekers of God’s perfect truth.

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If you have any other questions at all, please contact us. We love to interact with both LDS Misssionaries, LDS friends, and evangelical Christians.

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