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For Born-Again Christians


Use With Care We've designed the RM website to be used in conjunction with our materials—the question cards lead the Missionary or Mission President to our website. Please read through the following points before attempting to use our materials.

  • We do not authorize the use of Real Missionary materials at LDS Temples, LDS Ward meetings, or any official LDS gathering. We want you to use these materials when missionaries seek you out, like when they show up at your door or approach you in the park.
  • We do not believe that you are violating 2 John 1:10-11 by inviting the missionary into your home to discuss these questions. By using these questions, you're evangelizing, not bidding "god speed." It's likely that the missionary at your front step has never heard a genuine, heartfelt expression of the true gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Please understand that LDS Missionaries are not permitted to take your materials. They may be polite and exchange your materials for their material, but they are instructed to trash the materials as soon as they're out of eye shot. That's why we created this website—so curious missionaries have an outlet to seek honest answers to honest questions.
  • Yes, LDS Missionaries get saved while on their missions. The gospel is powerful: God's Word will accomplish it's intent (Romans 1:16; Isaiah 55:10-11). But please understand, if they express their true conversion, serious consequences will follow. Please respect their potentially difficult situation.
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FAQs and Resources

  1. What are the best resources for understanding LDS doctrine?
  2. What can I expect to hear from an LDS Missionary presentation?
    • You can view the entire missionary manual from the LDS's official website. This is the manual LDS missionaries read to prepare for their missions.
  3. I've heard that LDS teaching uses evangelical terminology, but changes the meaning. How can I know what to say and how to say it?
    • Mormonism Research Ministry (MRM) has very helpful index of terms on their website.